Meet the creators behind Total Podcast Pro!

Jeff & Desmond are radio professionals turned podcast-junkies who started utilizing their radio skills to create professional podcasts. After their quick success, they became known as the mentors and coaches in the podcasting world. After years of mentoring the most successful podcasters, they joined forces to create Total Podcast Pro.


P. Desmond Adams

Mental Mastery Mondays

Desmond Adams is a podcaster, mentor, and motivational speaker. His podcast, Mental Mastery Mondays, has thousands of downloads per single episode.

With thirty years of professional radio experience, Desmond has been able to coach and mentor other radio talents and podcasters. His professional radio background combined with his expertise in marketing funnels has enabled him to reach over 50,000 followers on Twitter alone.

Desmond lives in beautiful Jupiter, Florida with his wife, Jeanine, and their three daughters.

Jeff Brown

Read to Lead Podcast

Jeff Brown is a podcaster, mentor, and speaker. Jeff founded the Read to Lead Podcast which has thousands of downloads each week!

Before beginning Read to Lead, Jeff spent 26-years in radio. He co-hosted an award-winning and nationally syndicated morning show and has since leveraged his radio background to coach numerous podcasters, helping dozens create, launch, grow and monetize their shows. People like Brendan Hufford, Liz Covart, Harry Duran, Darrell Darnell, Ben Castleberry and Nicole Welch have all been clients.

Jeff lives just outside Nashville, TN with his wife, Annie, and their two miniature Dachshunds, Fritz and Frank.

Amanda Lairsey

Society of Women
Business Owners​

Amanda Lairsey is NOT a podcaster (yet), but she is a coach, mentor, and growth strategist for small business owners.

In 2016, Amanda launched The Caffeinated Woman, a business blog that focuses on developing authentic relationships with other entrepreneurs. Only a few months after launching, Amanda founded the Society of Women Business Owners (SOWBO) where she hosts local meet-ups and workshops for women entrepreneurs in both Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA.

Amanda lives only a few miles from Mr. Jeff Brown, but she met Desmond in Jupiter first. Crazy right? Amanda is married to Justin Paul, a professional podcaster (and student of Desmond).

What others are saying...

Justin Lairsey WAY-FM

This team was instrumental in helping me launch my podcast, "More Than The Music." In less than a year, I've reached over 100,000 people."

"Jeff is the best in the business when it comes to giving practical advice on how to make your podcast better. I do everything he tells me to do, and it's working!"

Jeff Goins The Portfolio Life Podcast
John Lee Dumas Entrepreneur on Fire

"I refer Entrepreneurs looking to launch their podcast to Jeff for mentorship because he is as good as it gets in this space!"