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We are thrilled that you have decided to take us with you on your podcasting journey. This course is the perfect beginning that will layout the foundation for a successful podcast. Let's get to work!

Course Overview:

We've put together 7 Video Lessons that will teach you about equipment & recording software for your podcast.
Lesson 1: Condenser Microphones

Duration: 5m 39s 

Learn the importance of choosing the right microphone plus the pros and cons of a condenser microphone. List of models are given.

Lesson 3: Microphone Connectors

Duration: 3m 10s 

Discover the different types of connectors available for your microphone of choice plus the impact it will have on sound quality.

Lesson 5: Headphones Overview

Duration: 3m 10s 

This lesson explains the importance of having quality headphones and why frequency response is important.

Lesson 7: Recording Software

Duration: 10m 3s 

Whether recording a guest interview or solo-show, you must utilize a recording software. This lesson teaches which ones work best for a podcaster.

Lesson 2: Dynamic Microphones

Duration: 5m 34s 

Discover the pros and cons of using a dynamic microphone for recording your podcast. List of models are given.

Lesson 4: Accessories & Mounts

Duration: 4m 11s 

Discover the optional accessories available for setting up your microphone plus how they may improve your listener's quality of sound.

Lesson 6: Types of Headphone

Duration: 8m 55s 

There are hundreds of headphones out there, but which one is right for you? This lesson explains the types, brands, and best for a pro podcast creator.

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