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Is This The Reason You Haven't
Launched Your Podcast Yet?

You have a message you want to get out to the world but you still haven't done it. We live in a time when it's never been easier to take your passion and create a platform so you can share it with the world and change people's lives.

Ten years ago, if you wanted to do this you would have had to buy time on your local radio station or grunt your way to the top of the industry over the course of many years. Today, you can reach a bigger audience than many of your local radio stations, through the power of podcasting. So why haven't you?

"Podcasting requires a lot of skill and knowledge!" At least it seems like it does to someone who doesn't understand the business. What type of microphone, how do you set up the cables, where do I save the audio files, and how to I make them available for my potential listeners? Once you have the technical side figured out, now you have to learn how to communicate without rambling on or freezing up. There's a lot to podcasting.

By the way: all of that stuff above isn't really true. In fact, you can learn everything you need to know in just a couple of days. We can even make it easy for someone with NO technical experience to completely understand.

Ugh! What Kind of Equipment Do You Need?

Do you need a dynamic microphone or would you be better off with a condenser mic? Should you start with a USB audio interface or a mixer, and if so, how many channels will you need? These are just a couple of the question you may be asking yourself. Thankfully, you don't have to worry about this anymore.

Regardless of your budget, we will show you exactly what equipment works best for your situation. Not everybody has the same needs or the same budget. We'll help.

How to Start Your Podcast With Your iPhone and  Less Than $100 in Equipment

You read that right. If you already have a quality smartphone, you need less than $100 worth of equipment in order to have a truly pro audio recording setup that will get your podcast started sounding great.

Most Training Doesn't Even Discuss
the Real Secret to Podcasting Success!

The typical podcasting course puts most of it's energy into teaching you all of the technical stuff. The equipment you need, how to set it up, and where to upload your files so your listeners can get them.  But, this isn't all there is to having a successful podcast.

​Most podcasts never grow a big audience because... the people creating them don't know the fine art of communicating in a manner which emotionally connects with the listeners at a deep level where trust and loyalty can be fostered and relationships can be formed.

Lectures are boring and hearing someone ramble on for 15 minutes about what happened in their life this past week is even worse. But that's what most podcasts sound like today. We'll teach you the secret to always connecting with your listeners.

The 3 Causes of Podcast Failure

  • Sounding Horrible.
    If your audio doesn't sound great and you're using low quality equipment, no matter how interesting your topic might be, nobody is going to stick around to hear it.
  • Uninteresting Content or Poor Delivery.
    If your audio sounds fantastic but what you're saying isn't interesting to your audience, nobody is going to listen to your show... even with the best microphone available.
  • Podcaster Burnout.
    If you don't know what you're doing, you'll quickly find you're spending way too much time producing a podcast that nobody is listening to and isn't producing the results you want.

Nobody Is Solving All Three of These Problems in One Package...

Most people who teach podcasting only know one or maybe two of the three critical areas which determine podcasting success. That's why their courses never really give you everything you need to reach the goals you've set for you show.

Please realize this one thing: IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. If you've never been taught all three elements of being a Total Podcast Pro, how can you expect to do all three of them incredibly well? You can't.

We Have the Experience Nobody Else Does

We've assembled a team of industry experts who will help you win at the podcasting business because they've done it themselves.

The best part is, we know how to keep it simple. We'll never talk over your head and we make sure we're there if you have any questions about how things should be done. Whether it's with the artistic side, the technical stuff, or the business of podcasting. We have you covered in the training and in our exclusive private members area.

This Why We Created the Ultimate Podcast Training

You Will Become a:

Now it's time to present your offer as the perfect solution to everything you've been talking about so far in your story.

While we were holding back before, it's now time to be very specific. Talk about your product, what it is, what your customer gets when they purchase. At this point, after all the buildup, your readers really want to know what you have to offer, so don't hold back.

  1. Show a product image: it's always a good idea to have a visual representation of your product. It makes it more tangible and more "real" in your reader's mind.
  2. The power of the points list: use this list to emphasize the most important benefits of your product.
  3. Benefits over features: for every feature your product has, try to translate it into a benefit (i.e. a positive end-result your customer will get).

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Social proof comes with customer testimonials.”

“Customer testimonials are a powerful conversion element. Display them here to demonstrate that your product has many customers and that those customers are very happy with their purchase.

We like to do what many others have done already. There's safety in numbers. Testimonials can be used to give your visitor that sense of safety."

Shane Melaugh
- Job Title

“Here's what the perfect testimonial looks like...”

“The perfect testimonial looks a lot like this one: it has a heading (this shows the best part of the testimonial), one or two paragraphs of text, an image, a name and (optionally) a role to go along with the name. Also note the use of quotation marks in the testimonial text.”

Samantha Allen
- Job Title or Role
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Can you ever have too many testimonials?”

“It's a fair question: can you have too many testimonials?

The answer is: you can, but the problem is usually not the amount but the quality of the testimonials. If you have good, enthusiastic and real testimonials that mention specific details and benefits, don't shy away from adding 10, 15, 20 or even more to the page.

Just don't add a ton of boring or generic testimonials.”

Shane Melaugh
- Job Title or Role

Get Started as a Total Podcast Pro

Here we have a highly attractive purchase section. We display another paragraph of text, which is a strong call to action to your readers. In addition, we have a product image, unmissable large button and some guarantee and safety symbols.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


It's Time to Start Addressing Your Visitor's Last-Minute Objections

After the first call to action, use testimonials, case studies, more points lists and more text blocks to address all possible objections your visitors may have. Knowing these objections is very important... and you can learn all about them by talking to your customers and visitors. Give them a way to communicate with you and you'll quickly learn what's on your reader's mind as she goes through this page.

This part of the sales page can be a lot longer than it is in this template. There may be many objections that come up and you can address them all. If you dedicate a separate text block or a sub-heading to each one, your visitors can easily find the ones they have on their minds and skip the rest.

Use Sub-Headings Before Every Major Objection You Address

People are risk averse. We dread making a mistake and wasting our time and money on something that turns out to be rubbish. This is the part of the sales page where you can appease all those worries. One of the most important things you must learn about people in your market is what kinds of objections they have, so that you can effectively address them here.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

Here's a section that you can use for many purposes. For example, you can use it to showcase how your solution is better than other solutions out there. Or, compare the problems your reader is facing right now with the great solutions they'll enjoy once they purchase.

The Pros List

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  • Aliquam ac ipsum convallis, dignissim lacus ut, maximus enim.
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  • Duis accumsan, dui et semper

The Cons List

  • Aliquam ac ipsum convallis, dignissim lacus ut, maximus enim.
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Here's a "What You Get" Section (Plus the Second Call to Purchase)

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get [a specific benefit that your product promises] by [a specific span of time in which you guarantee your product to yield results], just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How about adding a contact link?

What about exit intent lightboxes?

What questions belong here?

Have you tried a chat widget?

Answer questions, save space.

P.S.:: Welcome to the post script section of the page. You can have one or several of these. This part is all about loss aversion. Here is where you can remind your reader that if they don't jump on this opportunity right now they will be missing out.

After the post scripts, use the link below to link to your purchase section or the checkout page.

Yes, I want to start getting [benefit] now!